Table definitions

Session table definition

CREATE TABLE php_session (
 sess_id            text,
 sess_name          text,
 sess_data          text,
 sess_created       integer,
 sess_modified      integer,
 sess_expire        integer,
 sess_addr_created  text,
 sess_addr_modified text,
 sess_counter       integer,
 sess_error         integer,
 sess_warning       integer,
 sess_notice        integer,
 sess_err_message   text,
 sess_custom        text

CREATE INDEX php_session_idx ON php_session USING BTREE (sess_id);


If you use HASH for INDEX, you'll have a deadlock problem when the server load is very high. Even if it's unlikely to have a deadlock under normal operation, it can occur. Do not use HASH for INDEX.

You may change the session table as long as all fields are defined.

Application variables table definition

CREATE TABLE php_app_vars (
 app_modified       integer,
 app_name           text,
 app_vars           text